Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

the special two

"way before two of them are rivals"
    last season, el classico was not only a battle between 2 biggest clubs in Spain but also a battle between arguably 2 best coaches. both of them was once work together, both of them has won the UCL twice, both of them has done the treble. but who's smarter? i dont know the answer for sure. Jose Mourinho, a controversial coach who brought Porto, Chelsea, and Inter to a successful years and is currently bringing Madrid back to the highest level of football. Mourinho won 5 major cups in his 2 years spell in Porto, won 5 in 3 years for Chelsea, and 4 in 2 years  for Inter. he's already won it 1 for Madrid. he's the first ever coach to win 4 league cup in 4 different countries and on his way to be the first one to win 4 different league trophies with 4 clubs and  3 UCL with 3 different clubs. Pep Guardiola, a younger coach than Mourinho that has won everything he could with Barcelona. he's got 6 major titles and 4 minor in only 3 years! he is the youngest coach ever to win UCL and the first coach that won 3 major cup in his first year as a coach.
Mutual Respect
    they met each other for nine times (already!?) and the results are 2 wins for Mourinho, 4 wins for Guardiola. in that way, i guess we can say that Pep is better than Mou. but football is not as easy as statistics, Pep won everything because of his team is way better than Mou's. Pep has 3 out of 5 best players in the world in his club & several world cup winning players while Mou is still developing Madrid (like what he did at his 3 previous clubs). Mou had a successful coaching career in 4 different clubs while Pep has never tried to coach any other clubs so far. Pep has a better winning percentage but Mou has a nine years straight without home defeat record. Barca under Guardiola has became more discipline and more aggresive than before, Mourinho always use a different strategy in almost every match (depends on what his opponent strategy). so the question about who's better still doesnt have any answers because two of them are basically a different kind of coach. every fooball fans would love to see "el classicos" when Mou's Madrid is well developed like Pep's Barca.


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