Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

the special two : part two

     if in my previous writing i wrote about 2 best football coaches, now I'd like to write about 2 smartest musician. Thom Yorke and Matthew Bellamy, they are the frontmen of their band, they both are the main songwriter, they are a multi-instrumentalist, and yes they both came from the most successful-musician -producing-country. who's more genius? let's see..

     Matt is known best for his magical hand, he is a piano and a guitar master. he started to play piano when he was 6, he's like modern Mozart or something like that, he even got honorary doctorate degree for what he has done for music.i think Matt is a better version of Freddie Mercury. what about Thom? he's a very unique musician and he has no comparison. he has never learnt to read music because he think he can't express the rhythms properly that way. so it means he doesn't learn to be a genius. yes he can't play piano or guitar the way Matt play it but he's a better creator. Matt sings better but  Thom innoves better. so i personally think, Thom Yorke is a little bit more genius than Matthew Bellamy though they are different. we can't deny that 2 of them are geniuses the difference is that Matt is a genius because he learn to be a genius and Thom is born genius. that's my personal opinion. hmmm, collaboration maybe?

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