Sabtu, 12 November 2011

United United United

i thought i was dreaming
Manchester United starts this season well. beating "young" Barca in preseason, beating neighbors in Community Shield. not only that, at 4-5 first fixture in Barclays, United seems unbeatable. i can tell that Scholes' retirement wasnt a problem. we got Cleverley, Wellbeck, Nani, Young, Rooney, Jones, Anderson, and all other players in the bestest form. but what about now?? without Clev, United barely win. they even lost 1-6 AT HOME to another Manchester. that was the worst day in years. how could United conceded 6 goals at home? critics and fools said that Evans' red card was the reason why United lost. i think, it's not really a problem. when he was sent out, United played with 4 backs, 4midfielders, and 1 striker. i would agree that a red card was a reason why United couldnt get a good attacking performance, but not a reason why they lost that way. with 4 backs, United shouldve been able to keep it below 4. 6??? it was truly an embarassment. for me, injuries problem was the reason. it'd be different story if Vida and Clev played. besides that, United fans should admit that City was just better that night.
for a reason, that result brings message that this year's squad is not good enough. i know that United can be good with such a good player like Clev dictating the midfield. the problem is, being a good team is not enough this year. that's why i think the boss should make a move in January. United needs a world class midfielder. 
my conclusion is that Manchester United can depend on Cleverley, but he's still inexperienced, and Jonny Evans IS NOT a dumb player. about that lost, it was just a zeropointer game. we need to forget that lost and remember that United hasnt dropped a single-point since then. we (hope that we) can win at the Eastland next year and that'll be a win that shows who the real champions are. still...... #GloryGloryManUnited
PS : for Londoners and Merseysiders who are happy about United's lost, remember that your teams are still no better that United in the table.